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Hey there! I created a set of Lightroom presets that I use for my business Instagram page. As social media gets more competitive it's important to stay on top of the game with a top-notch look.  90% of the photos I use are taken with my cell phone in sub-par lighting (sometimes it's hard to take nice shots when you're busy in the kitchen) - and I have tuned these presets for just that.   This set of presets will give a bit more life to your back of house smartphone images.  You can purchase them via my Etsy link below.

             5 Preset Package

"White & Bright"  - for white backgrounds, white plates.

"Moody Blues" -  for darker images that need shadows and highlights in all the right places.

"Make it pop" -for images and photos taken inside the kitchen, let's put highlights and shadows in all the right places.

"Vintage Bakery" -to create old school looking photographs.

"Natural light" -For photos taken in natural light, adding contrast and vibrancy. 

Presets are a base to edit your image, you may still need to make a few adjustments for your final look.

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"Make it pop"

Highlights in all the right places.