Apricot Pat De Fruit

Pat de Fruit is a wonderfully simple chewy fruit jelly that is usually served as a treat at the end of a meal, and makes a great addition to a box of sweets.

The flavours combinations are endless and the base recipe can be swapped for any type of fruit puree.

You will need:

A medium pot

A metal bowl


A 10x10 tray

Pan spray or oil

Plastic wrap

Optional- acetate

To begin, oil a 10 x 10 tray with saran wrap and place a 10x10 square of acetate on the bottom. Have your pot and bowl ready.

Apricot pat de fruit

900g apricot puree

100g orange Juice

150g Glucose

27g yellow pectin

550g sugar

8g citric acid ( or 1 lemon, juice)

  1. Bring puree, orange juice and glucose to a boil.

  2. Mix pectin and sugar in a bowl and whisk together so there are no clumps

  3. Slowly whisk in the sugar and pectin into the boiling puree

  4. Continue to boil for 10-20 minutes, or until the pet de fruit starts to look thick like glue.

  5. Pour into the acetate lined try and allow to set over night before cutting.

  6. Portion pat de fruit into small squares and toss in sugar to garnish.

Happy Baking!

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