Café Dulce Bonbons - Coffee and carmelized white chocolate.

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

These bonbons are made with Varhona Dulcey- a caramelized white chocolate tempured for a crisp outer shell. Each chocolate is filled with a coffee infused dulce ganache and a caramel center.

To get started you will need a set of poly carbonate bonbon molds- any shape will do. Polish each mold with a damp paper towel. Next, with a small brush dust each mold with gold shimmer dust - the finished product will be shiney and look like little drops of gold.

For the caramel-

165g sugar

175g glucose

335g 35% cream

85g milk

85g glucose

1 tsp vanilla

2 tsp salt

1. Cook sugar and glucose to 180 degrees celcius- it should almost burn.

2. While cooking the caramel, bring the cream, milk, glucose, vanilla and salt to a boil.

3. Let caramel cool slightly before adding the hot cream. Whisk together a little at a time until everything is incorporated. ( the caramel might seperate from the milk- this okay we can cook it out until it comes together.

4. Cook out everything together until it reaches 105 degrees celcius and everything is smooth. Cool completely before using- or set in the fridge over night.

For the Café Dulce Ganache

130g cream

150g dulce valrhona ( caramelized white chocolate)

10 coffee beans *or 2 tsp coffee grounds

10g inverted sugar

45g butter

1. Grate coffee beans with a micro plane into the cream.

2. Heat cream with inverted sugar and coffee beans and infuse 20 minutes covered with saran wrap.

3. While cream is infusing, melt the chocolate

4. Stain the cream and pour over the melted chocolate and whisk in melted butter until smooth. Cool the ganache to room temp before filling the bonbon molds.

Now that the fillings are made, temper your chocolate for the molded shells. For the ducey, bring the chocolate to 45- 48 celcius, cool to 26-27 degrees celcius and reheat to a working temperature of 29 celcius. This is a slightly different working temperature than other chocolates- most have a working temp of 31, white the caramelized white chocolate works best slightly cooler.

To fill the bonbon shells, start with a small amount of caramel in each one, followed by the cafe dulce ganache. Set in the fridge for 20 minutes before sealing the backs. Allow the bonbons to serve completely in the fridge- 30 minutes or overnight before unmolding.

Happy Baking!

- Milk & Honey

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