Grand Marnier Christmas Truffles

Christmas is almost here, and its time for all those dirty winter flavours to shine - egg nog, spiced rum, coffee, baileys, caramel and grand marnier everything.

These truffles are made with a caramel and grand marnier ganache, inside a dark chocolate shell. They are hand-rolled in chocolate and finished with a sparkling gold cocoa powder finish. If you want to impress your friends at the office Christmas party, these little guys will do the job.

The trick here is just adding more glitter!

*pro tip - the truffle shell, edible gold and high-quality chocolate can be ordered from Amazon, they also have some cute little gift boxes if your planning on making Christmas presents.

Grand Marnier Caramel Ganache

155g Sugar

155g Glucose (or corn syrup)

315g Whipping Cream

65g Glucose

65g Sugar

250g Milk chocolate

20 ml Grand Marnier

1. Put the first amount of sugar and glucose in a pot and cook until it is dark amber in colour.

2. Boil cream and the second amount of glucose and sugar together.

3. Let the caramel cool for a few minutes, then whisk in the hot cream 1/3 at a time until smooth.

4. Cool the finished caramel for 10 minutes, then pour it over the milk chocolate. Whisk together until smooth, add the Grand Marnier at the end.

5. Cool the ganache completely at room temp before filling the truffle shells.

Sparkle Finish

Melted Dark chocolate

3/4 cup Cocoa powder

1 tbs edible gold dust (or bronze/ silver)

To finish the truffles, start by melting some dark chocolate and filling the hole at the top to seal the shell. Let the chocolate harden completely before moving on to the next step.

Next, mix the cocoa powder with edible gold dust and put it into a flat shallow tray ( 8x8) put on a pair of gloves and dip your hands into the melted chocolate. Pick up a truffle and roll it with the palm of your hand to coat it in chocolate, then place it in the pan with the cocoa powder. Continue to roll each shell in chocolate. Once the pan has filled up, give it a shake to coat the shells in cocoa powder. Your truffles should shine!

Gently pick up the truffle with clean hands and shake off the excess powder and place them into a container. Store your Christmas truffles in the fridge!

Happy Baking!

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