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Updated: Nov 16, 2019

It's been a pretty exciting month for me when it comes to chocolate. New flavours, sexy molds and intense colours. I thought I would share some of my favourites with you-

1. Antonio Bachour Bonbon Mold Collection-

I absolutely love these molds, the bonbons above are made with the "valley" model from the Antonio Bachour collection, but to me they look like little devil horns. The molds are made from high quality polycarbonate in range of styles that easily un-mold your bonbons with a shiny finish every time. This is an exclusive European collection, but Design & Realization will ship to canada! Check out the link below-

2. Valrhona Inspiration -

So Valrhona did a pretty cool thing here - this new line of couveture is made from real fruit, cocoa butter and sugar. There is no added or unnatural flavours, the "chocolate" is dairy free and vegan, and it TEMPERS VERY NICELY. It can be used in all the ways regular chocolate can be used as well as packing in an intense hit of flavour.

3. Callebaut Ruby RB1-

I think this product is the most exciting part of the list - well at least it was for me. I have waited 2 years to to get my hands on this product. Ruby chocolate first hit the UK in 2017, then the USA and finally this past spring in 2019, Ruby has made it to Canada. What I love about this chocolate is that it is naturally pink - it is made from a special type of cocoa been and through the process of turning it into chocolate it retains it pink colour and has some lovely fruity notes. It taste like milk chocolate at the front, and as it melts, finishes with fresh berries. I can't wait to experiment more with the worlds fourth type of natural chocolate.

4. Haute ot Coco Butter Colours

These colours are intense! I bought some of there fat soluble colours for chocolate work a few weeks ago and I can honestly say I am quite pleased with their products. A very small amount goes a long way. They also have a ton of fun colours like raspberry, golden yellow, purple grape and tiffany blue.

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