What Should I fill my Macarons with?

A macaron is really just a fancy cookie. A beautiful, complicated and colorful fancy cookie. If you have ever been to a macaron shop or french patisserie you have probably seen the endless flavor and filling possibilities. Here are a few basic ones to get started with.

Hazelnut Macaron

1. Butter Cream

There are so many ways to make butter cream. The French, German and Italian have all come up with there own versions of sweet whipped butter topping for cookies and cakes. Each version serves the same purpose with similar method but incorporates totally different ingredients to make it there own. I guess its a European thing - no one can ever agree with each other, especially about food.

French Butter Cream - Egg Yolks whipped with hot sugar, then soft butter is added.

German Butter Cream - Pastry cream with the addition of whipped butter.

Italian Butter Cream - French butter cream folded into Italian meringue.

Instead of leaving a recipe for any of of these version - as I would not want to risk cultural aggravation, I'll give you my cheater version instead. Its fast and easy. Straight forward with no complications ;)

Canadian Butter Cream

225g Soft butter (1 cup)

450g Icing Sugar (4 cups)

2 tsp Vanilla extract

1-2 tsp Milk

1. Cream butter with an electric mixer or Kitchen Aid with paddle attachment.

2. Add Icing sugar, 1/3 at a time.

3. Add vanilla extract and milk.

4. Whip on medium speed until fluffy and spread-able.

For fruity butter cream add 2 tbs of jam instead of milk!

Saffon & Lemon Grass

2. Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Orange Ganache

100g 35% cream (100 ml)

250g Dark or milk chocolate (1 cup + 6 tbs)

1 Orange, Zested

1. Zest 1 orange into the cream ad bring the cream to a simmer

2. Strain out the orange zest and pour the cream over the chocolate

3. Whisk together

4. Let the chocolate ganache cool at room temperature until it is set enough to pipe.

3. Cream Cheese Icing

60g Soft Butter (1/4 cup)

225g Room temperature Cream cheese (1 cup)

160g Icing Sugar (2/3 cup)

1 tsp Vanilla

1 tsp Lemon juice

1. Cream the butter with an electric beater or kitchen aid mixer.

2. Add room temp cream cheese and mix well on low speed

3. Add Icing sugar, 1/3 at a time

4. Finish with vanilla extract and a squeeze of lemon.

Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream Macarons

4. Ice cream

Ice cream macarons are my new favorite thing. You can make your own ice cream or simply buy your favorite flavor and scoop some into the middle. You will want to make your macaron shells on the larger size for this, about 6cm in diameter or the size of a regular ice cream sandwich.

Ice cream Sandwich

Large Macaron shells ( or your favorite cookie!)

Your favorite Ice cream

1. Make your mac shell or batch of cookies

2. Let them cool completely

3. Scoop your ice cream in the middle and press the second cookie on top.

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